About me

Multicultural background in the interior design

I was born in Kyoto, Japan, and moved to Hungary with my family when I was 7 years old.  Japanese is my mother tongue, but since I went to English and Hungarian schools, I speak both languages confidently.  During my education, I also studied French. Thanks to language learnings, I was able to get to know about a lot of cultures and this diversity contributes greatly to my complex approach to interior design.   I don’t like to think in schemes, my purpose is to create a visual design that makes my client’s face smile involuntarily, and his or her heart would be tingled pleasantly with a whisper calling „Yes, that’s exactly what I want!”

I didn’t spare my room as a kid! My heritage – the interior design

My grandfather was a kimono painter in Kyoto, my mother is a master of Sogetsu Ikebana, the art of an ancient Japanese flower arrangement.  As a small girl, I was also attracted to beautiful things as I admired the colorful realm of different textures, textiles, and flowers.  Rearranging of my room was done on a regular basis and I always kept wondering how I could make my room prettier, homely, and cozy.  My genes already knew when I was small, what profession I would choose despite the fact that my rational self, walked on a different way.

After finishing high school, I graduated from ELTE University, majoring in Japanistics and Anglistics, in which I learned a lot about the history of the Oriental culture.  I worked as an English-Japanese-Hungarian interpreter/translator at a Japanese firm for more than a decade, but when the opportunity of interior design knocked on my life once again, I could no longer resist it.  After completing the course, I finally felt like I had found my profession.

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What do cozy home, Ikebana, and martial arts have in common?

I was in my teens when I first went to a karate class, and I immediately fell in love with the mentality of the martial arts.  I hold a 2nd dan black belt and I have been teaching children and adults for years now.  Karate had shown me what perseverance, discipline and humility mean.  I came to understand, there never is a moment when I am „completed”, because there is always something to improve, something to learn.  I believe that these characteristics and experiences greatly contribute to becoming such an interior designer, who will always find a solution that works the best for my client in all circumstances.

In recent years, in addition to martial arts, Ikebana has been playing an important role in my life.  Combining the right flowers with each other is just as much a flow experience for me as making visual designs. Like martial arts, the essence of Ikebana and interior design lies in the study of space.  Although Ikebana is primarily a hobby for me, it has often happened that a tastefully created flower combination has made an interior furnishing project complete.

Oriental work ethic in interior design

There is no better feeling than when I see customer satisfaction at the end of a project. Working together from the first minute, the most important thing for me is to find the best possible interior design and interior design solutions.

Because I can allocate my time as a self-employed, I only undertake projects so that my clients don’t even happen to encounter the problem of “not so, not then, not so much”. Thanks to my Japanese heritage, I always strive for the maximum.


If you also want to renovate your home, need complete interior design advice, or even inspiration, I will be happy to help you make your ideas a reality. As an interior designer, I also undertake interior design work and the preparation of floor plans. I also look forward to finding foreign clients! If you have any questions about the services, please send a message. I will respond to all inquiries within 24 hours!


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